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Collaborative Commercial Real Estate

AVAD Capital LLC

8350 N. Central Expy, Ste. 430

Dallas, TX 75206


What is
AVAD Capital’s Mission?

AVAD Capital’s mission:

is to honor God
in the service of people
through the works of our calling

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So what does Avad mean?

Avad is an ancient Hebrew root word that appears in variations over 1,000 times in the Old Testament. In the English translation, variations of Avad have been translated into three different words: Work, Worship, and Service.  The word weaves together three concepts that we would traditionally separate into different parts of our lives into one mission. Avad means that every day, every hour, every moment, we are to be working or serving in a spirit of worship.


Why the
AVAD Capital

At AVAD Capital, we apply the guiding principles of Work, Worship, and Service to steward investments in commercial real estate.

AVAD targets multiple commercial real estate verticals, including self-storage, multi-family, and recreational real estate, through acquisition, development, and value-add expansion.

At AVAD Capital, we strive to provide investors with an attractive balance of risk-adjusted returns through operating income and capital appreciation. Our team leverages deep relationships with industry participants, private lenders, and regional brokers that allow them allows access to deals often not available on public markets or other sources of capital. Investments are chosen after careful underwriting, financial analysis, and operational due diligence.

AVAD’s past transaction experience includes buying, selling, and financing with private, public, and institutional capital, including a billion-dollar disposition of a portfolio of over 110 self-storage assets to a publicly traded REIT.

Operational Experience

Operational experience is critical to unlocking value and realizing upside in real estate assets. Through its core management team, AVAD has extensive asset and property management experience in the self-storage space, which drives market and location selection and optimized returns. In other verticals, AVAD will joint venture with an established and experienced operator who brings a comparable level of expertise to an opportunity.

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